One thing that gets me is just how easy it is, particularly in the US, to dismiss other people’s lived experiences because said experience doesn’t exist in one’s worldview. There are people who believe that the police can’t be as bad as the #blacklivesmatter movement claims because it doesn’t happen in their town. Or women who dismiss other women’s experiences of online harassment because it never happened to them. Or that if a person just behaved in a particular way they wouldn’t have things happen to them because the person always behaved in XYZ way and nothing bad has ever happened to them.

The thing is, the world is much bigger than one’s lived experience. I try to make a point of reading, watching, and doing things that are outside of my immediate worldview, and the worldview I grew up with. I know I have expanded my compassion because of this, and have be made to think about what I’ve been told is “normal.” Most people don’t want to make the effort to expand their worldview because it’s not comfortable and makes them question things.

The thing is, we need to question everything. If we don’t, we run the risk of staying stagnant, and our society can’t afford that. Seeing outside our worldview exposes us to thoughts and ideas that are meant to challenge us to be better people.