I could have written about racism here, but I think it’s important to hear the lived experiences of those who are directly effected by racism. I have had the honor and privilege to interview many People of Color (and others) about racism, religion, and intersectionality. They have blessed my podcast, and me, by sharing their stories:

TWIH Episode 2: Religion, Race, and…Batman? with Jae Howlett

TWIH Episode 7: The Multi-Faith Family with Rev. Beth Parab

TWIH Episode 16: The Power of Prayer: A Life Testimony with Tanesh Watson Nutall

TWIH Episode 17: Feminism, Dress Codes, and the Church with Shavon Walker

TWIH Episode 24: Why #BlackLivesMatter with Guy S. Johnson

TWIH Episode 25: The Spirit of Justice (#blacklivesmatter) with Rev. Malcolm Byrd

TWIH Episode 30: Paganism, Race, and Responsibility with Emily Carlin (@Pantheacon #pcon #pantheacon)

TWIH Episode 35: Why #BlackLivesMatter in the Pagan Community with Crystal Blanton (#pantheacon)

TWIH Episode 36: Breaking Our Lenses with Xochiqetzal Duti Odinsdottir (#blacklivesmatter #pantheacon)

TWIH Episode 49: Queering the Conversation and Planting Seeds with Monica Joy Cross #blacklivesmatter #transvisibility

TWIH Episode 51: Syncretism, Jesus, and the African Traditions with MaShiAat Oloya Adedapoidle Tyehimba-Ford (Queen Mother) #tfam

TWIH Episode 52: The Teacher, the Student, and the Seeker with Schmian Evans #tfam #blacklivesmatter

TWIH Episode 53: Learning from History: South Africa, Ferguson, and Dialog with Rev. Wilma Jakobsen #blacklivesmatter

TWIH Episode 56: Embracing the Seeker with Davie Floyd #tfam

Taking the time to listen to the lived experiences of those who experience racism, sexism, and any other marginalization is always extremely important. It is absolutely time well spent.