I think some people think that sexism and misogyny are the same, and there is definitely plenty of overlap. In fact, some would claim that what I talk about in my misogyny post is sexism, but misogyny is the active hatred of women or the feminine. Sexism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination that comes with it.

No matter how much some pagans would like to claim otherwise, the pagan community has it’s fair share of sexist traditions and practitioners. In some of these traditions, the deities are gender segregated and so is magickal energy. Men are supposed to worship and identify with the God and women with the Goddess, and never the twain shall meet. My own tradition used to have extremely sexist, and specifically cis-sexist, rules for who should initiate who. A High Priest had to initiate women and the High Priestess had to initiate the men. There’s also the belief that energy work had to be done in male/female pairs (as in, the gender you were assigned at birth) and any other way of doing it was wrong.

My current tradition has made an intentional redaction of these sexist practices (and we try to clean up the sexist language as well), but there are still traditions, even today in the pagan community, that still practice cis-sexist gender-segregated magick. (And really, don’t get me started on the old 3rd Degree/Great Rite stuff…ugh)

Sexism, and specifically cis-sexism, like patriarchy and misogyny, minimize and erase the totality of human experience, perpetuating the very systems that cause us all harm.