I’ve been watching folks do the Month of Written Devotion the last couple of months which has been really cool. I thought, earlier today: “Huh…I wonder if there’s something similar for social justice?” My Google-fu and asking on Twitter has failed me, and my wife (not so subtly) suggested that I should do it.

So I did.

The idea is that for each day for 30 days you write about the topics listed. To be honest, I’m not really fussed how you all decide to work on these. Feel free to write on more than one of these a day or spread it out for 30 weeks, or whatever. I’ll be starting mine on September 1. Maybe we can use the hashtag #30daysofsocialjustice? You’re welcome to announce that you’re doing it in the comments (and you can pingback, too).

These terms aren’t in any particular order, but they are many of the terms I see floating around the social justice blogs and other places:

  1. Social Justice
  2. Diversity
  3. Marginalized
  4. Oppression
  5. Gender
  6. Classism
  7. Bias
  8. Dialogue
  9. Identity/Labels
  10. Intersectionality
  11. Privilege
  12. Stereotypes
  13. Tolerance
  14. Worldview
  15. Dominant Culture
  16. Multiplicity/Multi-identity
  17. Cultural Appropriation

  18. Ableism/Accessibility
  19. Ageism/Adultism
  20. Body Shame/Policing
  21. Transgender/Transphobia
  22. Calling Out
  23. Misogyny
  24. Hate Crime
  25. Patriarchy
  26. Racism
  27. Microaggressions/Trigger Warnings
  28. Sexism
  29. Sexual/Affectional Orientation/Asexuality
  30. Radical Inclusion

Good luck, and I look forward to read what folks write!