Tuesday I’m going to start writing about this little list of social justice topics. I was inspired by the Month of Written Devotion (which I have now fixed to the proper link) and created 30 days (because 30 days have September). True, this isn’t everything and I know there could have been way more topics on here. Feel free to substitute topics or mush topics together. I’m not that fussy about what folks do with this list!

Really, it’s your writing for 30-odd days. I’m more curious about what I, and others, will write about these things. Feel free to link back here because I’d love to read what you’ve written. I might even use some of the topics for The Heretic Speaks vlog (instead of writing).

I’ll also admit, for full disclosure, that I’m writing a book that includes pretty much all of these topics, and some of my writing during this time my end up in it. It’s all my wife’s fault, really, because she told me to do the thing.

So I did the thing.

Anywho, here’s the list of topics. Feel free to pass it around on the Twitters, the Tumblrs, and the Facebooks!

1. Social Justice
2. Diversity
3. Marginalized
4. Oppression
5. Gender
6. Classism
7. Bias
8. Dialogue
9. Identity/Labels
10. Intersectionality
11. Privilege
12. Stereotypes
13. Tolerance
14. Worldview
15. Dominant Culture
16. Multiplicity/Multi-identity
17. Cultural Appropriation
18. Ableism/Accessibility
19. Ageism/Adultism
20. Body Shame/Policing
21. Transgender/Transphobia
22. Calling Out
23. Misogyny
24. Hate Crime
25. Patriarchy
26. Racism
27. Microaggressions/Trigger Warnings
28. Sexism
29. Sexual/Affectional Orientation/Asexuality
30. Radical Inclusion


Good luck, and I look forward to seeing what you and I write!