This Week In Heresy started as a YouTube show in the Fall of 2012. The shows still exists on my old Dual Citizen YouTube Channel, if you’d like to give them a watch. There were many problems with maintaining a YouTube show, not the least of which was that I was still in seminary! It was great content, but doing the news research each week and trying to schedule filming with all the guest segments was way too much at the time. I planned on resurrecting This Week In Heresy in some way in the future, so I set it aside until another opportunity came along.

After graduating from Pacific School of Religion in May 2014, and while I was still in my post-graduation “What do I do now?” phase, I realized that part of my ministry was to include a multi-media component. I also was going through some old audio from my college radio days and realized that I was a pretty good radio host!

This Week in Heresy then returned in June 2014 as an audio podcast that explores the margins of progressive thought, religion, and social justice. I love to listen to the stories of others, and those I interview are people who are different, on the margins, or doing spiritual and social justice work that just doesn’t normally get a voice in today’s media.  One of my firmest beliefs is that listening to the stories of others helps to remove the walls of “us vs. them.”  

I decided to take a hiatus in the summer of 2016, but as summer turned into fall, I realized that is was time for me to hang up my microphone for good on This Week In Heresy. I am still considering returning either to podcasting or YouTube, most likely using a different format at some point in the future.

I hope that through these candid and personal interviews, you will be inspired and that they give hope to others. There may be many ideas that will be new to you, and you may not agree with what everyone says, but you will definitely learn!