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TWIH Episode 79: The Needles and the Compassion Done with Denise Cicuto #orlando


Denise Cicuto returns in this episode to talk about her call to study acupuncture through a visitation by Kuan Yin. We talk about her journey, not only through acupuncture school, but her spiritual journey with Kuan Yin and her current studies of the spiritual side of acupuncture . We also discuss the nature of Kuan Yin, and how compassion isn’t necessarily “fluffy”. We also talk about the importance of self care when doing activism and after major emotional events such as Orlando.

Denise Cicuto is a Witch and Healer. She is a third degree Priest in the Circle of Cerridwen. In another magickal tradition, she is a Gryffindor. Part of her spiritual mission includes leading an interfaith ceremony for those who have experienced pregnancy loss. The ceremony is called Spirit Babies and takes place at least once a year around the Winter Solstice (TWIH Episode 23: Mourning Pregnancy Loss Through Ritual). You can find some of her spiritual musings, which include incorporating Chinese Five Elements into Pagan ritual, at Through the Dragon Door.

A Licensed Acupuncturist, Denise is co-host of TCM Talk, a live show on Periscope focusing on different health issues and how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help. Denise is currently working towards certification in Alchemical Healing with Lorie Dechar and Benjamin Fox. She writes on her own acupuncture blog and also for AcuTake which is a great website for explaining acupuncture to people in a very down-to-earth way.


Cicuto Acupuncture

Circle of Cerridwen (st4r.org)


Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing by Lorie Dechar

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TWIH Episode 25: The Spirit of Justice (#blacklivesmatter) with Rev. Malcolm Byrd


This week on the show we are joined by Reverend Malcolm Byrd to talk about the impact of the systemic issues that leads to the events in Ferguson and New York City. We discuss how the internet has changed the face of social justice and has allowed more awareness of the broken-ness of the systems that are meant to protect us. We also discuss the issue in progressive movements of “one true way” -ism, and why utilizing all types of activism is important. Does the activism happening during this season help us find hope, even when it seems there is none?

(Note: This show was recorded on Christmas Eve.)

Reverend Byrd is a Long Island, New York native, yet he spent his formative years living in Detroit, Michigan and Gastonia, North Carolina where he completed his Secondary Education. Reverend Byrd entered the ministry in 1998 at age 14 and was licensed as an exhorter by Presiding Elder H.L. Hall at the Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church in Gastonia, NC.

Reverend Byrd attended Livingstone College, a historically black college in North Carolina where he served as a Presidential Scholar, President of the Student Government Association, President, NAACP, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and member of the Board of Trustees. Rev. Byrd is a graduate of the State University of New York, at Purchase and a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion of the Graduate Theological Union. He was an undergraduate fellow of the Fund for Theological Education.

Reverend Byrd has spent a considerable amount of his life fighting for causes aimed at assisting the plight of downtrodden and marginalized people. He is fondly regarded as the “Picketing Preacher.” He shares the sentiment of the great civil rights clergyman, The Reverend Vernon Johns, “When you see a good fight, get in it!” Reverend Byrd hopes that though his various talks, lectures, addresses, and sermons that dormant levels of consciousness will be awakened as a rose reveling its unfurled glory for the first time before the heavens.

Reverend Byrd currently lives in Hempstead, New York along with his wife, the former Dominique Jackson, alumnae of Mount Holyoke College and a professional actress/model.


Rev. Byrd’s Facebook Page

Rev. Byrd’s Address: Jackson Memorial AME Zion Church, 60 Peninsula Blvd, Hempstead, NY 11550

Email: alphadubois@hotmail.com

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TWIH Episode 24: Why #BlackLivesMatter with Guy S. Johnson


Guy S. Johnson joins us this week to talk about the intersections of ministry, race, gender, and why it’s important to specifically discuss why #blacklivesmatter. What do we do with a system that is broken on so many levels? How do we talk about saving the lives of people of color without addressing poverty, food scarcity, the education system, and the criminal justice system? Guy and I delve into the depths of why #blacklivesmatter is about more than what we are told it is in the media.

Guy S. Johnson is a singer, an activist, a writer, a foodie, and most importantly, a minister. A graduate of the Lancaster Theological Seminary and Dominican University, he can best be described as “real”. His love of God and God’s people is without question. Guy believes that strangers are simply “friends he has yet to meet.” He LOVES people.

He shares his life with his partner, Robert Davis, in Leesburg, Virginia, and serves as the Pastoral Associate at the Grace United Church of Christ in Frederick, MD, where Dr. Robert Agpar-Taylor is his pastor. He is a partner, a brother, an uncle, and most importantly, a friend of God.


Guy’s Facebook Page

Guy’s Twitter

Guy’s webpage: http://www.guysjohnson.com

Grace United Church of Christ


Ultimate Things: An Introduction to Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Literature

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TWIH Episode 13: No, I’m just agnostic, really! with Nancy Pond


This week’s guest is my mother, Nancy Pond. Besides probably learning a little bit more about my childhood, we talk about what it means to be agnostic, and why being agnostic doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re still seeking. Mom and I also share personal stories about how God (however one defines God), and Love, is present in our lives. 

Nancy Pond is a devout Agnostic, but brought up Catholic. She has a BS in Business with a minor in Philosophy, and has an MBA. She is also an accomplished artist. Nancy does not believe that God is religious, but that God is Love!

If you have questions or would like to contact my Mom, you can leave a message in the comments and I will make sure that she sees it!



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The Heretic Speaks #4: You can’t be a proper witch if…


I’ve heard it said so many times in so many circles: You can’t be a proper X if you don’t do Y. What do we mean by that? If we’re narrowly defining what is proper, especially in spiritual circles, can we really be inclusive? If we’re being exclusionary for some reason, why? What purpose does it serve?

I’ll admit it, this is a bit of a rant…

The Heretic Speaks #1: Who the Heck are You?!


It recently came to my attention that I should make some podcasts that just have me (Rev. Gina) in them. So, for 4th of July, you get 2 podcasts! The Heretic Speaks will be at least monthly, although, I might do more if there’s something I really want to talk about. This episode is mostly about my vision for This Week In Heresy, plus a little bit about me.

Hope you enjoy it!

Running time: 20 min

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