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TWIH Episode 80: Learning from Where You’re At with Pat Mosley #hb2


In this episode we talk with Pat Mosley, a Gardnerian witch in North Carolina. We talk about how Wicca takes on the culture of where it’s at, and how it’s not that much of a stretch for people to be multi-faith practitioners. Pat discusses his coven, Granny Magick, and his involvement in CUUPs. We also talk politics and #HB2 (also known as the “bathroom bill”) and how, on the ground in North Carolina, there are more people who are against it rather than for it. Pat talks about the uphill battle in challenging their state government and the disconnect of their elected leaders from the people they represent.

Note: After recording this podcast in May, and after another blow up around  transgender women in women’s only spaces (primarily concerning Budapestian Dianic Witchcraft), Pat has announced a call for submissions for a anthology called “Arcane Perfection”. You can click here for more information.

Pat Mosley is a Weirdo Inspired to Create Here (WITCH). He writes semi-regularly at Patheos Pagan, but more of his work can be found at his website. Pat is a Gardnerian Witch, and is currently conspiring to author a book on one Appalachian coven’s vision of Wicca in the next year or so. Pat is also a coordinator for Mountain CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) in Boone, North Carolina–where everyone is welcome to share a meal and sing a spell.





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TWIH Episode 65: Being Intentionally Inclusive with Shauna Aura Knight #pantheacon


Shauna Aura Knight joins us in this episode to talk about ritual practices that can make our public rituals more inclusive. What do we mean by inclusivity? How do we make the welcome clear so that others know that they are welcome into the ritual? Why are people so averse to using more inclusive language or making accommodations for allergy, disability, and gender issues? What is the responsibilities of public priests to ensure that their rituals are inclusive as possible? How do you take ownership, as an ally, of your process, especially in admitting when you’ve done something wrong  even if it was unintended? What happens when you realize that the pagan community isn’t a monolith of belief?

This is a first in a series of interviews with people who will be presenting at Pantheacon 2016.

Shauna Aura Knight is an artist, author, ritualist, presenter, and spiritual seeker, Shauna travels nationally offering intensive education in the transformative arts of ritual, community leadership, and personal growth. Shauna is passionate about creating rituals, experiences, spaces, stories, and artwork to awaken mythic imagination. She is the author of The Leader Within, Ritual Facilitation, and Dreamwork for the Initiate’s Path. She’s a columnist on ritual techniques for CIRCLE Magazine, and her writing also appears in the anthologies Stepping in to Ourselves, A Mantle of Stars, Calling to our Ancestors, and Bringing Race to the Table.

She’s also the author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels including The Truth Upon Her Lips, A Fading Amaranth, A Winter Knight’s Vigil, Werewolves in the Kitchen, Werewolves with Chocolate, and more. Shauna’s mythic artwork and designs are used for magazine covers, book covers, and illustrations, as well as decorating many walls, shrines, and other spaces.  http://www.shaunaauraknight.com


 Email: shaunaaura@gmail.com

Website: https://shaunaaura.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShaunaAuraKnightRitualist

Pantheacon 2016 Schedule

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TWIH Episode 55: Multi-Faith Education and Dialog with Denise Cush


In this episode we talk about interfaith dialog and religious education with Denise Cush. How do people learn about interfaith and mutli-faith practices? What are the differences between the way religion is viewed and taught in the United States and the United Kingdom? What is the importance of face to face dialog and experience in interfaith work?

Denise Cush (BA/MA Oxford, MA Lancaster, PhD Warwick) is currently Professor of Religion and Education at Bath Spa University. She has taught Religious Studies in a sixth form college, trained both primary and secondary teachers in religious education, and taught Study of Religions at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Until recently she was Head of the Department of Study of Religions (now Religions, Philosophy and Ethics) at Bath Spa. She is deputy editor of the British Journal of Religious, a major international journal. In addition to religious education, her teaching and research interests include Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and alternative spiritualities such as Paganism.


Website: http://www.livingreligion.co.uk/

Email: d.cush@bathspa.ac.uk


Celebrating Planet Earth, a Pagan/Christian Conversation: First Steps in Interfaith Dialogue

TWIH Episode 54: The Dynamics of Awareness with Deborah Blake


In this episode we talk with author Deborah Blake about daily practice and how we can get hung up on what “proper” daily practice is. We explore how daily practice can be just a part of our mundane practices, and that what is right and “proper” depends on your own spiritual needs. How do we cultivate a practice that works for us? How do we determine the regular practices in our groups or covens? Are we walking our talk? We also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both group and solo work, and the ins and outs of working in community.

Deborah Blake is the author of the Baba Yaga paranormal romance series, including Wickedly Magical, Wickedly Dangerous and Wickedly Wonderful (Berkley) as well as eight books on modern witchcraft from Llewellyn Worldwide. She has an ongoing column in Witches & Pagans Magazine and was featured in The Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction.


Author Website: http://www.deborahblakeauthor.com

Blog: http://deborahblake.blogspot.com


The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition by Dianne Sylvan

Everyday Witchcraft: Making Time for Spirit in a Too-Busy World by Deborah Blake

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TWIH Episode 53: Learning from History: South Africa, Ferguson, and Dialog with Rev. Wilma Jakobsen #blacklivesmatter


In this episode we talk to Rev. Wilma Jakobsen, the first ordained woman in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, and an anti-apartheid activist during the worst, and last years, of apartheid South Africa. We not only talk about her story, but we also talk about her reactions to Ferguson, and working through white privilege. We also talk about the future of not only her home country, but of the civil rights movement here in America. What does it mean, as a white person, to be a witness and ally to the experiences of People of Color? What does it mean when we say people are equal in the eyes of God?

Wilma Jakobsen was born in Cape Town, South Africa of immigrant parents from Denmark and Britain. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Cape Town, worked as a high school physical science and math teacher, then came to the United States in 1984 to attend Fuller Seminary, Pasadena.

After obtaining her Master of Divinity from Fuller, she returned to South Africa to be ordained as a deacon. Four years later, when the Anglican Church of Southern Africa finally allowed it, she became the first female priest ordained by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She worked for 15 years in the Diocese of Cape Town, in parishes in black townships, university towns, the cathedral, a rural parish with fishing and farming communities, and a 19-month stint as chaplain to Archbishop Tutu. During the apartheid years she was an anti-apartheid activist in church and faith based organizations, which crystallized her conviction of the connection between faith and social justice.

In 1997 she obtained a Master of Sacred Theology from Union Theological Seminary, New York. She was the Anglican chaplain at the University of Cape Town for six years, then joined the staff of All Saints Church, Pasadena in 2003, serving most recently as  Senior Associate for Children, Youth & Families, Students & Young Adults.  She is passionate about  the integration of spirituality in all areas of life, and her belief that “ ministry built on a solid basis of prayer, relationships, loving pastoral care, mutual ministry with priest and people as equals, contemplation and action, creativity, Eucharist and social action, can transform people’s lives.”


St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, Cupertino, CA: http://saintjudes.org

Wilma’s Email: wilma@saintjudes.org

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TWIH Episode 51: Syncretism, Jesus, and the African Traditions with MaShiAat Oloya Adedapoidle Tyehimba-Ford (Queen Mother) #tfam


In this episode, recorded after the multi-faith traditions panel at The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries Convocation, we talk to Queen Mother about syncretism and the way that spirit works in the world. She describes the traditions that she belongs to and how they work together for her. We discuss the responsibilities of priests, aspects of initiation, and how magick, and the gospel, is a tool of spirit that can be used for both good and ill.  We also discuss her role at City of Refuge and how she relates to Jesus. What can both traditions learn from each other and how do we navigate the misinformation and misconceptions of each?

This episode was recorded on location at City of Refuge UCC during The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries Convocation on July 17, 2015. 

Oloya Adedapoidle Tyehimba-Ford carries the title of MaShiAat (Queen Mother), and is co-founder and presiding Queen Mother and Spiritual Leader of the Temples and Kemetic Spiritual organization: The Kindred of ShiEndra and its conglomeration of affiliated Temples. MaShiAat Oloya is an ordained Kemetic Priest, an Iyanifa in the Ifa tradition and an Ordained High Priestess within the original Dianic lineage of the Wiccan Goddess/Great Mother tradition.

She is also a Holistic and Spiritual Practitioner and Midwife, holding numerous degrees and certifications in nursing, Iridology, Esthetics, indigenous and complementary healing. She is co-founder of the Kephra Holistic Institute and co-creator of the Kephric Transformational Platform both dedicated to the concepts of complete wellness through holistic, indigenous, and naturopathic modalities.

MaShiAat Oloya lectures and facilitates workshops with many local and national community activists and spiritual leaders. She is often considered a bridge between mainstream religious churches and indigenous spirituality, making it a personal crusade to dispel myths, expose the truth and similarities between the philosophies of these religious groups with the intent to build understanding, respect and unity among the people as a whole.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mashiaat

Website: http://www.ancestoralley.com/

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TWIH Episode 48: Inclusive Wicca with Yvonne Aburrow


What is inclusive Wicca? In this episode we talk to author Yvonne Aburrow about her new book  “All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca” which was also recently reviewed on The Wild Hunt. How does this manifest in traditional British Wicca? How has the craft evolved over the years? Why do people still cling to these outmoded and outdated traditions, and why are they so resistant to change? 

Yvonne Aburrow has been a Pagan since 1985 and a Wiccan since 1991. She has an MA in Contemporary Religions and Spiritualities from Bath Spa University, and lives and works in Oxford, UK. Her most recent book is “All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca”. She has also written four books on the mythology and folklore of trees, birds, and animals, and two anthologies of poetry. She is genderqueer, bisexual, and has been an anarchist socialist green leftie feminist for the last thirty years.


Patheos blog: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/sermonsfromthemound/author/yvonne/

YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKSb364RP4H16lXpBHGiSmQ

Review on The Wild Hunt: http://wildhunt.org/2015/05/book-review-all-acts-of-love-and-pleasure-inclusive-wicca.html



“All Acts of Love and Pleasure: inclusive Wicca” Publisher’s Page: http://avaloniabooks.co.uk/catalogue/wicca-witchcraft/inclusivewicca/

All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca (Amazon Link)

Other Books By Yvonne Aburrow

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TWIH Episode 46: The Five-Fold Goddess with Lasara Firefox Allen


In this bonus episode, Lasara Firefox Allen and I discuss her upcoming book which is tentatively titled “The Five-Fold Goddess,” which reconstructs the phases of the Goddess to move away from the more body-centered lore of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Is the feminine divine, as most Pagan traditions practice it outdated? Why do some groups who claim a feminism that is meant to make us more than our bodies cling to rituals that are based on the uterus? Why does our society assume these roles of women when there are many examples of exceptions to the rule? What does this say about our societal attitudes about a woman’s (cis-, trans-, or otherwise) bodily sovereignty?


Lasara Firefox Allen is the author of the internationally published bestseller, Sexy Witch (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2005), The Pussy Poems (Treasure Finder Press, 2012), and numerous anthologies. She is currently working on her second book for Llewellyn, with the working title of “The Fivefold Goddess.” Lasara is also a clergy member, teacher, coach, and activist. She offers workshops on topics ranging from parenting, to relationships and intimacy, sexuality, body image, feminism, and devotional love, spirituality, and Mysticism. Lasara offers one-to-one and group coaching, spiritual guidance, and intuitive, transformational tarot readings. She regularly offers in-person workshops on the festival and conference circuit, and ongoing web-based courses. 


Married to the love of her life, Robert Allen, and mother to two amazing kids, Lasara and her family live in the wilds of Northern California and surround themselves with a community of loving, like-minded souls. 



Email: lasara.allen.mpnlp@gmail.com

Lasara’s Websites:



Class fundraiser: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/010036/ab/a4gNRe

Class Facebook Event:




Sexy Witch

The Pussy Poems

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TWIH Episode 45: The Many Faces of Spirit with Yeshe Rabbit


What does it mean to be a multi-faith person in a world where most people except you to be one thing or another? In this episode, Yeshe Rabbit and I discuss her personal multi-faith work and her own evolution of spirit. We also talk about how we are in the midst of change and how our religious traditions are evolving. How do we maintain respect for each other and for all human beings? How do we discuss these topics online without beating each other up online?


Yeshe Rabbit is a holy woman, devotee of the Goddess, and lover of life, a shamanic practitioner, witch, tantrika, and student of the dharma, a seer, a healer, and a priestess. When asked about her spiritual path, She describes it as “Graeco-Tibetan Tantric Nomad Alchemist,” and she’s not actually joking. She sings, chants, drums, performs rituals, meditates, brews potions, makes pilgrimages, & travels all over the world for work, spiritual study and growth. Mother Earth is her home. She is also a founder of CAYA Coven in the SF Bay Area.



Way of the Rabbit 

The Sacred Well 

Tea and Chanting Sangha 

Dharma Pagan 

Temple of Aphrodite 


CAYA Coven 

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TWIH Episode 41: Emerging into Self with Diana Morningstar #transvisibility


This episode, we welcome Diana Morningstar, who tells us about her coming out and transition as a transgender woman. She also talks about her life in the pagan and queer communities, pre- and post-transition. Diana gives an honest look at herself, her certainties and doubts about transitioning, and her gravitation towards Goddess culture and the issues she ran into in that culture. 


Diana Morningstar has been involved in the neopagan movement since the mid 80’s and has participated in Church of All Worlds, NROOGD, Umbanda, and Feri tradition rites among others. She is an initiated witch, a shameless eclectic, and an amazon forest warrior. She has been involved in activism with Earth First! and Queer Nation, and lately with trans issues. She is a transsexual woman living in Sonoma County, CA and is 56 years old. She has journeyed beyond the ninth wave to reach the Isle of Women, and is immensely grateful to be at last on that shore. She writes software, makes graphic art, plays piano and harp, and loves to cycle and hike. The moonlit forest is her true home.



Email: diana@miragearts.com

Website: http://www.miragearts.com

To Survive on This Shore: http://www.tosurviveonthisshore.com/photographs-and-interviews Beautiful collection of stories and pictures from transgender elders.



Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity by Julia Serano

Transgender History by Susan Stryker

Nevada by Imogen Binnie

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